Exploring the Stages of Dementia


Dementia affects millions of people worldwide. There are different types of dementia. Each type has unique symptoms, but all share a common characteristic – they affect a person’s ability to remember, reason, and communicate.

At our non medical home care agency in Dallas – Fort Worth Texas, we believe that understanding the stages of dementia is essential for caregivers and family members. 

The first stage of dementia is often called mild cognitive impairment (MCI). At this stage, a person may experience memory lapses, have trouble finding words, and have difficulty making decisions.

It is then followed by mild dementia, wherein symptoms become more apparent, and the person may have trouble with more complex tasks.

Moderate dementia is the third stage of the condition. At this point, the person’s symptoms become more severe, and they may need help with activities of daily living.

The last stage, which is severe dementia, is characterized by the person no longer being able to communicate and may need round-the-clock care.

For those living with dementia, different types of care are available to help them maintain their quality of life. With memory care services, those with dementia are provided with specialized care and support, helping them maintain their independence for as long as feasible.

Individuals who have served in the military and are living with dementia could also opt for veterans care

At Porter Home Health Services LLC, our home care services near Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas, provide additional support for those living with dementia. Our compassionate caregivers assist with activities of daily living and provide companionship and engaging activities to help those with the condition stimulate their cognitive function.

If you seek dementia care in or near DFW Texas, call us at 469-200-4007 or email us at info@porterhha.net. We commit to providing the highest level of care and support possible.

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