Tips On How To Prevent Falls- Senior Safety

caregiver assisting elderly woman with mobility

Generally, many older adults experience life-threatening injuries from falls, such as hip fractures and head injuries. The increased risk of falls among seniors is associated with the biological changes that take place in the body. Falls in any form among seniors must be prevented because it predisposes them to prolonged hospital stays, which can make them a high risk of Healthcare-associated Infections (HAI) and impact their overall health.

Also, in extreme cases, a severe fall with an impact to the head can lead to immediate death or unconsciousness. In the case of the latter, you can seek respite care and hire caregivers with Porter Home Health Services or seek an ICU admission for your loved ones.

Preventing Falls At Home

With falls being recorded as the leading cause of injuries among seniors in the United States, a senior has to have the best living environment and care they can get to prevent falls.

Porter Home Health Services have expert caregivers who adequately care and provide senior safety for your loved one with a unique care plan to prevent falls. They’ve been trained in home safety for elderly individuals; therefore, your loved one is in the best hands. Should you decide to take care of your senior yourself, here are some tips for home safety for seniors.

risk-free home environment

Home Modification

This is crucial in preventing falls among seniors because most activities they engage in are within the house. Please ensure the home environment is risk-free as this reduces their chances of falling. Here are ways to do so:

  • Arrange furniture, such as chairs and tables, in a manner that will give clear paths for movement
  • Avoid wet floor surfaces and clean up oil spills
  • Wear fitted and non-slip shoe
    • Railings should be installed on stairs

Medical Assessment

Seniors with underlying medical conditions should make an appointment to see a doctor once a year because some medications affect their coordination and balance, making them prone to falls.

Also, seniors should visit eye clinics once a year to get a right, and current prescription as individuals with poor sight are also at risk of falling.

Physical Activity

senior exercising

Engaging in monitored and moderate physical exercise improves joint stability and endurance among seniors. The big question here is how do you monitor the exercise? Do not worry; Porter Home Health services offer home care for seniors with an individualized exercise plan to cater to their needs.

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